• CCUSA has over 20 years experience in international staff recruitment.
  • We recruit from over 60 countries.
  • Over 100,000 international workers have been placed at hundreds of employers across the USA.
  • Full service recruitment.
  • 24 hour support during employment season
Hire for the Work Experience USA Program

The Work Experience USA Program

Work Experience USA is a program of CCUSA that provides employers with qualified international staff for almost every type of position (except camp counselor, domestic help in a US household, certain door to door sales jobs and jobs that require licensing). We carefully interview and select our participants, choosing only those who are mature, motivated, and possess a multitude of skills.

Since 1986, CCUSA has placed over 100,000 internationals with thousands of summer camps and employers in the United States and abroad. As a result, CCUSA is one of the most respected exchange programs in the USA and around the world.

As a US State Department designated program, CCUSA Work Experience USA offers full-time university students from around the world the opportunity to participate in the J1 Summer Work Travel Exchange Visitor program throughout the USA during their summer vacations.

  • Winter Program: November-April (up to 4 months)
    Students from Southern Hemisphere
  • Spring Program: February-May (up to 4 months)
    Students from varied countries (contact CCUSA for more info)
  • Summer Program: June-October (up to 4 months)
    Students from Northern Hemisphere

Work Experience USA is large enough to serve your staffing needs, but small enough to provide the personal attention you deserve. Our friendly, dedicated office staff has years of experience in international staff recruitment and program administration. You can always expect prompt, professional, and personal service from Work Experience USA.

Why Choose Work Experience USA?

  1. Entry in the Work Experience USA Employer Web Access with a link to your company’s web site. You will be given a password that will enable you to update your information at the beginning of each season. You can indicate which positions are open and when all of your positions have been filled.
  2. Qualified, educated, and hardworking international participants.
  3. Varied visa dates depending upon the State Department dates for each country and the individual participant's university break and availability dates.
  4. Participants are required to attend a pre-departure orientation.  Among the many topics covered in this mandatory orientation are:  US labor laws, J-1 visa regulations, instructions on how to apply for a social security card and tips on filing returns with the IRS.
  5. Choice of two hiring options – CCUSA’s placement program or CCUSA’s independent program.
  6. No obligation to hire. You make the final hiring decision on every application.
  7. Add an international element to your company. Our applicants come from more than 40 countries.
  8. 24-hour emergency phone support for the duration of the visa period.
  9. Access to the Employer’s Support site with lots of helpful information about taxes, visa details and much more to help you integrate your international staff.
  10. Visa and Insurance: CCUSA issues documents for all participants to obtain a J-1 work/travel visa for work in the United States. CCUSA also provides mandatory travel medical insurance for each participant.
  11. Friendly, efficient customer service from the CCUSA Work Experience staff.