• CCUSA has over 25 years experience in international youth exchanges programs.
  • Over 60 recruitment offices across the globe.
  • Over 200,000 individuals have been placed in camps, employers and volunteer experiences.
  • Over 15 programs options to choose from.
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An Overseas Adventure of a Lifetime

Have you ever dreamed of traveling and working in Australia? How about making a difference by volunteering in Africa? Want to spend a summer enjoying the unique culture or Russia while experiencing the joy of working at a children's camp. 

These are just a few of the amazing opportunities CCUSA can offer you through its wide range of programs. For over 25 years, CCUSA has been sending young adults around the globe on a variety of work and travel adventures, camp jobs and volunteer projects.

If you're ready to explore the world, make friends from other countries, build jobs skills and have the experience of a lifetime, CCUSA is here to help you.

Explore the options below, choose your program and begin your journey.

Programs for People from the USA & Canada

Other World Wide Programs

If the USA is not your home country, you can view a brief description below of the other CCUSA programs, which may be available in your country.  For full details about these programs and to find out which ones are available in your country, please contact your local office.

Programs for People from Outside the USA & Canada




  • Work UK

    • Create a Fabulous Working Holiday in the United Kingdom