• Live and work abroad as a counselor and/or activity instructor at an accredited Canadian summer camp.
  • Work 9+ weeks and travel or continue to work at a camp following the summer program.
  • Earn a competitive wage and receive free food and accommodation while at your work placement.
  • Great insurance included in the program price.
Camp Counselors Canada

Program Overview


An amazing work and travel program that gives you the opportunity to experience Canada as a local and work abroad in a summer camp in North America!

This is a fantastic opportunity for an amazing summer camp job experience. You will form close friendships and live in a beautiful setting in one of the most unspoiled countries in the world.

CCUSA offer two great summer camp job options, with the possibility to continue working before and/or after camp has finished. Counselors – ten weeks (May/June – August) and Support Staff – ten weeks (May/June – August).

Life at camp varies from one camp to the next. All participants can expect to work hard and try new job responsibilities. Support staff develop a strong communal bond with their colleagues and camp counselors develop a solid community group with campers and fellow summer camp staff.

Residential camps are located in rural areas away from a town or public transportation. Campers and staff stay at the camp, experiencing a full schedule of activities during the day and sleeping in cabins or tents at night.

There are many different types of camps, including Girl Guide Camps, Wilderness Camps, Traditional Camps, Religious Camps, Camps for Underprivileged Children, Camps for People with Physical Disabilities, Camps for People with Learning Disabilities and/or Developmental Delays and Camps for At-risk Youth.

Summer camp jobs include Activity Camp Counselor Skills; Waterfront - Life guarding, swimming, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, water-skiing, fishing; Pioneering - Backpacking, hiking, tent camping, bike tripping, orienteering, rock climbing, mountain climbing, outdoor cooking, ropes courses; Performing Arts - Acting, play directing, singing, song leading, skits, guitar playing, piano; Group Sports - Soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, American football, lacrosse, floor hockey, high and low ropes; Individual Sports - Horseback riding, tennis, gymnastics, archery, fencing; Nature - Gardening, environmental education, animal care; Creative Arts - Ceramics and pottery, jewelry making, wood working, metal working, water color, graphic arts, cartooning, glass.

Summer camp support staff job skills include; Kitchen - Cooking, food preparation, menu planning, purchasing supplies, inventory control, kitchen Aid, Dining Hall Supervisor, Dishwasher, Table Waiter; and Maintenance - Building and repairing, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, general janitorial skills.

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This program is only available to participants from outside the USA. 

Simply Contact Your Local Office and see if this programs is available in your country.