• Train in the USA between 12-18 months on a J1 Visa.
  • Find an employer willing to offer you a Training Program (in a CCUSA appoved area of management, finance, commerce or business) and we take over from there and sponsor your J1 Visa.
  • Improve your knowledge of American techniques, methodologies or expertise in your chosen field.
Practical Training USA

Program Overview


CCUSA Practical Training provides career training in the United States for up to 18 months.  This program is available to eligible candidates year round.   Practical Training USA is ideal for those interested in pursuing a career-training placement in the United States. You may work in any state, on a CCUSA approved training program, in the categories of Business, Management, Finance, or Commerce. The J1 Trainee Visa allows participants to obtain practical experience and instruction in a field which is related to their post secondary degree or certificate, or to their present field of employment.  Training programs can last from 6 months to the maximum length of 18 months.

Participants can only apply for the Practical Training program through a country where we have an office or partner. Please Contact Your Local Office to see if there is one in your country.   As a general rule, CCUSA does not recommend that you apply for the program through a country other than your country of citizenship.

Why a Practical Training Program?

  • Gain valuable skills to build your career in your home country.
  • Enhance skills in your chosen career through participation in a structured training program.
  • Improve knowledge of American techniques, methodologies or expertise.
  • Network and make friends with professionals in the United States.
  • Gain confidence, independence, maturity, communication and valuable lifelong skills that will broaden your horizons and your future career.

Are you Eligible for the Program?

  • Do you have proficiency in English?
  • Do you have:
    • A degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary Academic Institution outside the US with courses in the same field as the training program plus one year of applicable work experience outside the US in that field, or
    • 5 years applicable work experience, outside the US, in the same field as the training program?
  • Have a training position already arranged? 
  • Have sufficient funds to cover miscellaneous expenses until you receive your first stipend?  We recommend (US$1500 - US$2000).
  • The intent to pursue, as a career, the field in which the training will be held?

If you meet the above requirements and are ready for a once in a lifetime experience then look for a CCUSA office or partner in your country.

How does the Practical Training program work?

Applications are accepted year-round if there is a CCUSA office in your country.

  1. Submit a copy of your resume so we can determine if you meet the minimum requirements set forth by the State Department.
  2. Have your employer submit a training plan to our office in the USA for approval.
  3. Once you and your employer get the go ahead from CCUSA – you will need to complete the:
    • CCUSA Application and Practical Training Addendum
    • Sign the Program Agreement
    • Submit two completed Practical Training Reference Questionnaires
  4. The CCUSA office in your country will arrange a face to face interview with you.
  5. If you are accepted on the program, the CCUSA office will give you instructions for paying fees and processing your J-1 visa.
  6. You will be responsible for making arrangements with your training company, including negotiating any compensation involved.  CCUSA will review all arrangements as part of the final approval of the training program.

Please note:   You should apply at least two months before you wish to arrive in the US to begin your program.

What is included?

  • Support and advice for trainees and host companies every step of the way.
  • Premium Travel Insurance for the length of the program.
  • Pre-departure support to help you prepare for your experience.
  • Arrival support and packet – includes practical information and tips to ease your training experience.
  • Access to the CCUSA Tax Service for easy tax refund processing. Visit the CCUSA Tax Service website for more info.
  • Phone card/voice mail message service – our starter card will keep you connected to home and friends and is easily recharged.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • A completion certificate as a great addition to your CV or Résumé.

If you think the Practical Training program is for you, then Contact Your Local Office.