• Travel, work and explore Australia and/or New Zealand for the summer or up to two years (one year in each country).
  • Immerse yourself in another culture while working abroad.
  • Meet new people and make friends from Down Under!
  • Learn to dive or surf by signing up for one of our exciting add-on programs.
  • While abroad, get support from our four offices in Australia and our partner in New Zealand.
Work Adventures Down Under

Program Options

Basic Down Under

If you’re an experienced traveler or already have contacts in Australia or New Zealand and would just like a little help to make the preparation of your trip and your first few days Down Under a bit easier, this is the one for you. We will take care of processing your 12 month Working Holiday Visa and provide you with travel insurance for the duration of your stay.   We can also provide you with resources on finding your own job and accommodation.  Once in Australia or New Zealand, if you need to ask advice just give CCUSA a call or come in and see us. 

Ultimate Down Under (Australia or New Zealand)

Everything you need for a great Work Adventure Down Under is in this package including assistance in planning your trip and applying for your visa, discounted travel resources, as well as travel insurance for the duration of your program. In addition, you’ll receive the following valuable arrival services:

  • Airport pick up in Sydney or a shuttle transfer from Auckland
  • 3 nights’ accommodation and breakfast
  • Orientation with assistance in setting up a bank account and tax registration
  • Job placement assistance throughout your working holiday
  • Lodging referral assistance

Luggage storage, mail forwarding, 24 hour emergency number, internet access, vouchers to use for discounted tourist activities, and regular social activities so you can meet other travelers, and much more.

Australia Only Add-on Options

You can add one of the following options to the Ultimate Down Under option (Sydney airport pickup only) to enhance your time in Australia.

Ultimate Surfing Down Under

Surfing is one of the first things most travelers want to try when they get to Australia and there’s no doubt that standing up and riding your first wave is an incredible feeling.  It looks so easy, but is it? Our surf camp partners are dedicated to teaching beginners the art of surfing – they have chosen the best beach with the best waves for beginners, and offer the highest quality instruction and equipment to give you the best start in surfing possible.  Surf Camp is offered for both 5 and 14 days between September 1st and May 31st and includes:

  •  Paddling & Catching Waves
  • "Popping Up" - Standing on the Board
  • Taking the Drop & Turning
  • Riding Across Waves
  • Surfing Etiquette
  • Meals and Lodging

Ultimate Dive Down Under 

If you’re going to be in Australia, you might as well Dive right in! We offer three options for new and experienced divers to make it easy and memorable for you to experience and become certified in some of the best diving in the world!

Learn to Dive in Sydney

This 4-day open water course allows you to develop your scuba skills with practice in swimming pools as well as six exciting open water dives at the beach, as well as from the boat where you’ll see a vast range of wildlife, including sea horses and blue grouper! All equipment is included, as well as daily transportation from the dive center. In addition, you’ll receive 5 Star Gold PADI Certification. A Dive Medical exam in Australia is required at least 8 days prior to course.

Learn to Dive Cairns

Learn to SCUBA Dive in Cairns and have a great adventure on the Great Barrier Reef! This 5-day open water course offers 4 exciting open water dives on the cruise, in addition to 5 pleasure dives!   You will see a vast range of sea life and wildlife! All equipment and materials are included, as well as all meals, 2 nights accommodation on the boat, and Diver Insurance. In addition, you’ll receive 5 Star Gold PADI Certification. A Dive Medical exam in Australia is required at least 8 days prior to course.

Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Take your open water PADI certification to the next level and make your diving experience one to remember! Spend three days and two nights at the most renowned and coveted diving spot in the world! This option includes transfer from the city to the beach, up to 11 dives around the reef, seeing up close some of the most unique aquatic life imaginable, including beautiful coral and small sharks! Option also includes unlimited snorkeling, all diving and snorkeling equipment, 2 nights accommodation in cabins on the boat, plus all meals and a guided orientation as well as night dives! A Dive Medical exam in Australia is required at least 8 days prior to course.

Ultimate Down Under Gap Year (Australia and New Zealand)

The Gap Year package gives you the benefits of the Ultimate Down Under option in both Australia and New Zealand.  The arrival services are available only in your first country of arrival.  

US passport holders can travel up to 24 months (12 in Australia and 12 in New Zealand).

UK and Canadian passport holders, can travel for up to 3 years (1 in Australia and 2 in New Zealand)


Applications are accepted year round.  Australia and New Zealand programs are open to citizens from the US and Canada only. Visa processing can take between 2 and 4 weeks for Australia and New Zealand.