• Work and travel in the USA on a J1 Visa
  • Must be a full-time international student to be eligible.
  • Find your own job or let us find one for you.
  • Experience another culture working abroad and see the real America as a local.
  • Work in the biggest and best US employers, including a number of seasonal jobs across the USA.
Work Experience USA

Program Overview


CCUSA’s Work Experience program gives university students the opportunity to experience life in the US as more than just a tourist.   Working and living with Americans and other internationals gives you a unique perspective on the “every day” USA.

If you are a current or about to graduate university student, you can come to the US to live and work for up to 4 months while on your “summer” break from university classes.   Depending upon your home university schedule, you can travel in one of three seasons:

  • Winter  - November to April
  • Spring – February to July
  • Summer – May to October

Work Experience USA has earned a reputation as the premier J-1 international work placement program.   We are a US Department of State designated sponsor of the Summer Work Travel J1 visa and have been helping young people from all over the world since 1996 to have the experience of a lifetime as they work and travel in the USA.

Why the CCUSA Work Experience USA program?

  • Experience the USA by living and working with Americans
  • Work in almost any type of job
  • Have CCUSA Work Experience find your job or find your own using our online Job Hunt Site and your own resources.
  • Gain confidence, independence, maturity, communication and valuable lifelong skills that will broaden your horizons and your future career.

Are you Eligible for the Program?

  • Are you a current or about to graduate university student?
  • Are you 18 to 29 years old?
  • Are your English skills sufficient to live and work in the USA?
  • Are you prepared to become a valuable worker in a US company?

If you meet the above requirements, then find the CCUSA office or partner in your country.

How does the CCUSA Work Experience program work?

Applications are accepted at different times of the year, depending upon the university calendar in your country.   

  1. Apply online through CCUSA’s online application center.
  2. If you meet the eligibility requirements, CCUSA’s partner will arrange a face to face interview. At the interview, you can make a final decision about which option will work best for you – CCUSA’s Placement Option (we find your job) or the Independent Option (you find your job).
  3. If accepted, pay the program fees and start planning your trip.
  4. Apply for your J1 visa through the US embassy or consulate in your area.

What is included?

  • Simple and easy online Application process
  • Access to CCUSA’s network of employers through our Online Job Hunt Site
  • J1 visa sponsorship
  • Travel Insurance for the length of the program.
  • CCUSA Support throughout your program  
  • Access to CCUSA Footprints Online Personal Support site
  • Access to the CCUSA Tax Service for easy tax refund processing. Visit the CCUSA Tax Service website for more info.
  • A completion certificate