• Job guarantee (no time limit required) & job guarantee insurance.
  • Long/short term flexible, affordable shared accommodation.
  • There is no Min or Max time to work - work is flexible to meet any travel needs
  • Travel through the UK & Europe and return to a job and accommodation for your 24 months.
  • Earn up to an average of £300/week.
Work UK

Program Overview


The UK has long been a popular destination for international working holidays. Work UK assists you to organise a fabulous 4 - 24 month working holiday in the UK. We offer a wide variety of work placements and jobs abroad for students, young professionals and those just looking for a summer or year round job.

Although the UK is fairly small, there is a great deal to do and see - historic castles and stately homes, traditional pubs, clubs, festivals, shops and museums, not to mention the travel opportunities in Europe!

You can work in a small town or one of the huge cities like London, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh or Glasgow. These cities are melting pots for people of all nationalities and backgrounds and are very popular tourist destinations; therefore, jobs in the hospitality industry are common.

As 24-hour cities - they have lots to offer with a wide selection of shops, nightclubs, theatres and tourist attractions. The UK can be an expensive country to live in - so make sure you check our budgeting guide before applying.

Independent Option - Open year round for monthly arrivals, this option is for those who can work a minimum of 4 months to a maximum of 24 months.
If you would like to find your own job - either before or upon arrival into the UK, our Independent option will guide you through the process. After acceptance, you will be given a Job Guide that lists employers and the jobs they offer. Using this resource, you can immediately start making contacts.

The Placement Option - If you want to relax and have CCUSA’s Work Exchange UK program find your job, then the placement option is right for you; you do not have to stress about the job hunting or the interview. Job-hunting can be time consuming when no money is being earned; we will save you time, and therefore money by ensuring that everything is organized in advance before your departure.

Depending on the time of the year you arrive in the UK and how long you can work in the UK, you also have access through our Independent and Placement option to a huge number of jobs abroad. When completing your application, please make sure you list all your past work experience.

You will receive a pre–departure pack with a Staff Handbook (that you MUST read before leaving your country), important travel information and tips for your stay in the UK.

The day following your arrival in London, after resting from your trip and relaxing visiting the city, you will attend an Arrival Orientation at the CCUSA office in London. This Orientation is compulsory. Details of how to get to the Orientation Meeting site will be given to you before you leave home.

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This program is only available to participants from outside the USA. 

Simply Contact Your Local Office and see if this programs is available in your country.