• Work for up to 12 months in the USA.
  • Work the entire 12 months at the same job or a variety of seasonal jobs.
  • Depart for the USA any time of the year.
  • To be eligible, you must be a full-time, deferred or recently graduated student.  You can only do this visa once.
Working Holiday USA

Program Overview


Citizens of Australia and New Zealand can spend up to 1 year working and traveling in the United States on the 12-month Student Work and Travel J-1 visa through CCUSA’s Working Holiday USA program.

Open year round, the Working Holiday program allows tremendous flexibility for you to either work and travel your way through the US or to pursue a longer work assignment related to your academic or career field.   This is a one-time only visa, so if you are eligible, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity.  

Why the Working Holiday program?

  • One time only chance to travel and work throughout the US for up to a year
  • Work in short temporary jobs or find a job related to your career plans
  • Gain confidence, independence, maturity, communication and valuable lifelong skills that will broaden your horizons and your future career.

Are you Eligible for the Program?

  • Are you a citizen of Australia or New Zealand?
  • Are you 18 to 29 years old?
  • Are you a current full-time University or TAFE student or have graduated in the previous 12-months?

If you meet the above requirements and are ready for a once in a lifetime experience then contact our office in Australia or New Zealand.

How does the Working Holiday program work?

Applications are accepted year-round by our offices in Australia and New Zealand.

  1. Apply online through CCUSA’s online application center
  2. If you meet the eligibility requirements, the CCUSA office will arrange a face to face interview.
  3. If accepted, pay the program fees and start planning your trip.
  4. Apply for your J1 visa through the US embassy or consulate in your area.

What is included?

  • Simple and easy online application process
  • Access to CCUSA’s network of employers through our Online Job Hunt Site
  • J1 visa sponsorship
  • Travel Insurance for the length of the program.
  • CCUSA support throughout your program   
  • Competitive airline prices and travel discounts
  • Access to CCUSA Footprints Online Personal Support site
  • Access to the CCUSA Tax Service for easy tax refund processing. Visit the CCUSA Tax Service website for more info.
  • A completion certificate  

If you think the Working Holiday program is for you then contact our office in Australia or New Zealand.