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Work Experience Canada is CCUSA’s latest program to be launched which provides Canadian employers with qualified international staff for positions that are temporary or seasonal during the winter and summer months.  Our international staff come to you with a “Working Holiday Visa”, which enables young people the opportunity to work while they travel.  It allows them to experience day-to-day life so they can gain a deeper understanding of the culture and people. The Working Holiday Visa is a work permit allowing international staff to legally work in Canada for up to 24 months.  This visa is issued to young adults age 18 – 35 years old.



Since 1986, CCUSA has placed over 200,000 qualified international staff with thousands of employers in the United States and abroad.  CCUSA is one of the most respected exchange programs around the world.


Our friendly, dedicated office staff have years of experience in international staff recruitment and program administration.  You can always expect prompt, professional and personal service from us.  You are assigned an Account Manager who will be your partner in locating, interviewing and hiring the most qualified international staff for your open positions. 


We carefully interview and select our participants, choosing only those who are mature, motivated and possess a multitude of skills.  They pass through our selective screening process, meet our stringent criteria and pass an in-person interview with one of our trained interviewers before being accepted to the program. We offer participants from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom the opportunity to work and travel throughout Canada for up to 24 months. 


CCUSA provides an online Employer Directory to all participants on our full-service and elite programs.  The Employer Directory offers employers the opportunity to promote their company, advertise their job openings and detail their company’s benefits, location and community services.  CCUSA provides employers high tech placement tools, interactive web-based applications WITH VIDEOS and much more. 


Applicants fill out a very detailed application.  We assist in helping you complete your employee files by making it mandatory that all CCUSA participants complete:

  • Full application
  • 3 Professional references
  • Detailed skills section
  • Background Check
  • Video – 2 minute video describing why they want to work in Canada
  • Interview’s Report Form


You will not need to worry about your CCUSA international staff coming to you unprepared.  They are provided with extensive information before their arrival on the exact steps they need to take to get ready for their new job in Canada. 

Arrival Orientation
CCUSA participants are provided with 2-nights free accommodation upon their arrival into Canada.  During this time, CCUSA staff assist them in getting their new SIN and Bank Account.  They are quickly immersed into the culture with a fun city tour and off they go!

Social Insurance Number
CCUSA Participants are instructed to apply for their Social Insurance Number (SIN) once they arrive in Canada.  They can locate the nearest Service Canada Center by going online to http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/tbsc-fsco/sc-hme.jsp?lang=eng.  They will need to have their passport and work permit with them to apply.  Once they have their SIN, they will be able to open up a bank account in Canada. 

All CCUSA participants are covered by a travel insurance policy which covers accidents and illnesses.  Each participant has been provided with an insurance card with policy information, a copy of the insurance policy and access to claim procedures before their departure to Canada.  Should you have any questions regarding the insurance information, please contact CCUSA at 800 999 2267. 


2-week Notice Policy
All Work Experience Canada participants have the right to change jobs while on the Working Holiday Visa.  CCUSA requires that participants work for two weeks prior to providing a mandatory 2-week notice form to their current employer.  We will provide employment assistance to Work Experience Canada participants.

In case of emergency, please call 800-999-2267.  A CCUSA staff member will be contacted and will return your call within 15 minutes.  Emergencies include: death, serious injury, arrest and legal issues.  Participants should also contact their consulate for serious legal problems and lost/stolen passports.  Visit www.embassyworld.org to find the various consulates in Canada. 


CCUSA will organize Skype Fairs so you will be able to conduct face-to-face interviews with potential staff without spending a lot of money to travel and wasted time out of the office.  We charge a small fee to set-up Skype Fairs for our employers.  Please call 415 339 2728 to get more information.



Get started with Work Experience Canada TODAY:

  1. Contact us at workexperiencecanada@ccusa.com or toll free at 800 999 2267 with any questions you might have.
  2. Fill in the form below.
  3. Your new Account Manager will contact you within 24 hours. 


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