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Construction & Renovation - BRAZIL

Complexo do Alemão is an underprivileged town in northern Rio in which families struggle to afford daily basics including food. Because of this, it is near impossible for them to keep their homes in decent condition without any help. The unsafe living conditions also increase the chance of health issues. Volunteers on this program get to know the families they are working with and help affect great change for a family’s health and social benefit.

  • Minimum:  1 week
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Lodging/Meals: Hostel; Breakfast included daily

Homes for Impoverished Families – COSTA RICA

Every human being needs a safe place to live in order to thrive. Sadly, many of the citizens of Costa Rica are unable to afford adequate housing. Participants will work with staff and locals in every aspect of the building project. Due to the impoverished economy, this work would be impossible without unpaid volunteers.

  • Minimum:  5 weeks
  • Location:  Various locations, Costa Rica
  • Lodging/Meals: Guest House; 3 Meals per day included

Impoverished Communities – Gardening & Nutrition Projects - BRAZIL

In Complexo do Alemão, the community lacks healthy food options especially since cheap poor quality, processed food is promoted by door to door solicitors. It is difficult for the families living in poverty to access supermarkets and so unhealthy food is often the easiest option. Volunteers on this program will help educate the community and schools about healthier eating habits, and how to plant gardens to last for years to come. Your program fee will also go towards the materials needed to provide educational supplies and gardening tools.

  • Minimum:  1 week
  • Location:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Lodging/Meals:  Hostel; Breakfast included daily

School Renovation in Playa Jaco or Santa Barbara – COSTA RICA

Though many volunteer school programs involve help in the classroom, this one involves working on the actual classroom!  Many schools suffer from poor facilities and the need to build new ones.  This program supplies the needed work force to repair and maintain school facilities.

  • Minimum:  1 week
  • Location:  Playa Jaco or Santa Barbara, Costa Rica
  • Lodging/Meals:  Volunteer House; 2 Meals per day included (Breakfast & Lunch)

Support for Impoverished Villages - ARGENTINA

This program is unique in that it has 3 different sub-projects. The first gives around 750 kids from extreme poverty access to educational materials and tutors. The second focuses on building up the children’s self-esteem by showing that they are of value. Each community center will organize a party for all the children whose birthday is that month. The third project helps the native Peruti community improve their health and future prospects by providing clean water and other needed resources.

  • Minimum:  2 weeks
  • Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Lodging/Meals:  Hostel (Private Stay and Home Stay options available on request); Some Meals included – Breakfast every day, Dinner 3 nights per week, Lunch not included


Improve the prospects of at-risk girls and young women by assisting them get an education while providing them with compassion and hope.  This project is run by local nuns, mothers and volunteers and focuses on health, education, dance, exercise and art, while also helping with homework and values-based learning.  Great opportunity to make a huge difference helping your women lead safer, happier and more economically stable lives.

  • Minimum:  4 weeks
  • Location:  Cartagena, Colombia
  • Lodging/Meals: Host Family; 2 Meals per day included (Breakfast & Lunch)

Women’s Support - NICARAGUA

Set on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, in the beautiful city of Granada, volunteers help to provide a safe and caring place for young girls up to 18 years of age that have suffered from physical and emotional abuse helping young girls work towards a brighter future.

  • Minimum:  12 weeks
  • Location:  Granada, Nicaragua
  • Lodging/Meals: Host Family; 2 Meals per day included (Breakfast & Dinner)

Women’s Support - Cusco, PERU

Help to support women and children who have suffered at the hands of domestic violence. This program provides women a safe place and teaches them skills, so they can go out and make a better life for themselves. The shelter also takes in their children, so volunteers may work with the women but also the children offering companionship and understanding as well as education and support.

  • Minimum:  2 weeks
  • Location:  Cusco, Peru
  • Lodging/Meals: Host Family; 3 Meals per day included


Volunteers provide essential teaching and support to vulnerable women helping to improve the future prospects of women who have been discriminated against.  Assist in teaching women skills to help support themselves.  Great opportunity to make a difference while enabling cross-cultural exchange.

  • Minimum:  8 weeks
  • Location:  Lima, Peru
  • Lodging/Meals: Volunteer House; 3 Meals per day included during working week (Friday to Tuesday), 2 Meals per day included on weekends (Wednesdays and Thursdays).